AntChain Trusple has become a “hardcore weapon” to crack the trust problem of international transactions


At the Bund Conference on September 25, Ant Group officially launched the Trusple trade financial service platform, focusing on the trust between buyers and sellers in cross-border trade. It is reported that Trusple is a brand-new international trade and financial service platform based on AntChain technology, which can realize full-chain intelligent performance. Both buyers and sellers can draft orders, payment methods and payment conditions on the platform to ensure that the content cannot be tampered with. The bank provides automatic payment (AP) and payment commitment (BPU) to ensure transaction certainty. Banks provide users with financial services based on platform-based trade data, improve trade efficiency, link and transfer trade data, and accumulate credit.

For both buyers and sellers, every successful transaction on Trusple is a precipitation of “chain credit”. When a company generates financing needs, financial institutions can submit a verification request to the Trusple platform to determine the authenticity of the company’s trade. On the one hand, it reduces the financial service risks of banks and other financial institutions; on the other hand, it also revitalizes the survival and operating capabilities of small and medium-sized enterprises. By solving the trust between buyers and sellers, the trust between financial institutions and sellers, and the trust between financial institutions and buyers, Trusple “makes no difficult business in the world.”

It is worth noting that the state’s strict supervision of financial technology is still continuing. As another strategic layout of Ant Group in the financial field, what is the future direction? Will it be under the pressure of regulatory policies?

Trusple needs to be cautiously deployed under strict supervision

▌Teacher Zhai Shanying analyzed: “In order to ensure national financial security and economic security, finance is strictly controlled by the state. Ant Group needs to consider many factors such as policy supervision and industry risks while further cultivating finance and deploying Trusple.”

According to the “Guiding Opinions on Promoting the Standardized and Healthy Development of Platform Economy” issued by the General Office of the State Council in 2019, it specifically talks about the requirements of Internet financial platforms: “Internet platforms that involve the financial field, their financial business access management and interim and ex post supervision , In accordance with laws, regulations and relevant regulations. The establishment of financial institutions to engage in financial activities and provide financial information intermediary and transaction matching services must accept access management in accordance with the law.” In addition, the regulations also have clearer requirements for the supervision of Internet financial platforms: “Relevant departments must consolidate regulatory responsibilities in accordance with the law, optimize institutional supervision, strengthen behavioral supervision, early warning of hidden risks, and discover and correct violations of laws and regulations.” The tightening of regulatory policies means that enterprises will face more tests in the financial sector and need to take every step more carefully.

Refer to the “pit” of the Internet Merchant Bank Trusple to avoid repeating the same mistakes

In fact, before the launch of Trusple, Ant Financial had been intensively working in the field of inclusive finance for many years. In June 2015, Zhejiang Internet Commercial Bank, backed by Ant Financial, officially opened. Since its establishment, the Internet Commercial Bank has only done one thing: to serve small and micro enterprises and solve their pain points and problems. As of April 30 this year, the online business bank and its partners have served more than 16 million small and micro businesses, far exceeding the goal set by Jack Ma at the beginning of its establishment: serving 10 million small and micro businesses in three years.

However, despite serving tens of millions of small and micro operators, online merchant banks are called the least profitable bank. Compared with the major state-owned banks, the profits of online commercial banks are pitifully small. According to a set of public data, ICBC’s net profit reached 286 billion yuan in 2018, making it the most profitable bank among the five major domestic banks. The net profit of the Internet Commercial Bank is only 400 million yuan, less than 1% of ICBC. So why is the profit of the online commercial bank, which claims to serve 15 million small and medium-sized enterprises, so poor?

▌In this regard , Mr. Zhai Shanying analyzed, “Compared with state-owned banks, private banks have limited service reach, difficult to absorb deposits, and pressure on the loan-to-deposit ratio is greater. Moreover, private banks are supported by ordinary people. , The corresponding ability to resist risks is also weak. Once an economic crisis or financial situation occurs, private banks will suffer huge setbacks and even lead to bankruptcy. If online commercial banks are not supported by Alipay, it may be difficult to avoid bankruptcy. In view of this, Trusple must avoid repeating the same mistakes.”

The economist Hiller once described in the book “Finance and a Good Society”: “The goals that finance needs to serve all originate from the people, and the new finance should be finance shared by everyone, regardless of age, region or wealth. Individuals can get financial assistance and have equal opportunities for development.” In recent years, the state has vigorously developed inclusive finance and encouraged financial institutions to increase private enterprises, which has led to the influx of many private capitals. However, while developing financial services, private capital still needs to comprehensively consider the policy environment and market environment. Otherwise, in the face of future risks, it is likely to be caught off guard, and eventually the bamboo basket will be drained.




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