Band Protocol and Celo Camp establish cooperation, will provide support for DeFi built on Celo

According to the news of the chain, the oracle service provider Band Protocol announced the establishment of cooperation with Celo Camp, which will provide support for the decentralized financial startups built on Celo. Celo Cam is an eight-week training camp designed to help startups better develop their products. Band Protocol will also provide guidance to Celo Camp’s startups and help them contribute to open finance along with a16z, Polychain, Winklevoss Capital, CLabs, and others. Chain News Note, the founding team of Band Protocol comes from Stanford and MIT. Earlier this year, they received seed round support from Red Shirt Capital, SeaX, Dumanu & Partners. The goal is to develop a blockchain data governance protocol. Lianwen previously reported that Band Protocol will launch the public mainnet of BandChain Phase 0 (Wenchang) at 22:00 on June 10, Beijing time.

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