Bitcoin set a new high in the past three years, major institutions continue to enter the market to promote

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According to official sources, as of November 17, Grayscale Bitcoin Trust once again increased its holdings by 3812 BTC, and the total scale of Grayscale Asset Management has exceeded US$10 billion, reaching US$10.4 billion.

Galaxy Digital has partnered with CI Global Asset Management, a major Canadian investment company, to launch a Bitcoin fund in Canada. The announcement pointed out that this fund will invest directly in Bitcoin, and a preliminary plan was issued for the first time and was approved.

SkyBridge Capital, a world-renowned fund management company, is applying to the SEC to invest in funds that provide exposure to digital assets. The application documents are shown to be submitted to the SEC on November 13, and if approved, it will help raise the price of Bitcoin again.

Although the price of Bitcoin is constantly refreshing historical highs, the greed and panic index has remained high in the extremely greedy zone above 80. From a historical point of view, this high range has a higher risk of short-term gains in the future. But at present, whether it is from the fundamental news or the K-line trend, the bulls are showing an unstoppable posture, so we can only follow the trend in operation and only need to do a good job of risk control. At the top of Bitcoin’s current situation, it is no longer possible to predict short-term top pressure through K-line chart indicators. You can only look back at stepping on and keeping support after placing multiple orders, and then slowly tentatively looking; what Ethereum can currently focus on is the year The high point near 498 US dollars, this position will definitely not be able to hold in the later stage, can only say whether you can win a short wave near this position.

Yesterday, we grasped two waves in the short-term Bitcoin layout. First, we held the support near US$16,500, and placed a wave of multiple orders below US$16,600, successfully taking profit. In the evening, we maintained the pressure near US$17,150 and won near US$17,080. A wave of short-term empty orders also succeeded in taking profit; I will not show you a screenshot, you can refer to my analysis article and video review yesterday.

For the market, long and short have opportunities to make money. It’s just that some people have blurred their eyes on the current market. They have been unilateral in the volatile market and have been chasing the rise and fall, and they have oscillated in the unilateral market. The warehouse receipts were finally taught by the market. In this market, the quiet performance is actually dark and turbulent. Many investment friends operate blindly and often get wounded. Please believe that professional technology will definitely let you out of the haze and toward the bright. Professionals do professional things. Hope I can Help more people.

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