Censusworks proposes to rename cGLD to Celo, which is convenient to distinguish between native assets and stablecoins

According to the news, Censusworks, a verification agency of the Celo ecosystem, proposed to rename Celo Gold (cGLD) to Celo (CELO), which will clearly distinguish Celo’s native assets and Celo’s series of stable coins. Censusworks said that Celo Gold is a good analogy of the gold standard, but it does not really work in practice. Celo Gold has nothing to do with the actual price of gold. Celo gold’s voting rights and locked gold rewards do not meet this statement. Censusworks advocates community members to vote on their proposals. If the proposal is approved, the actual work will involve a lot of renaming, mainly in documents and websites. cLabs will contribute resources to make this change. However, the smart contract itself may not change.

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