Foxconn: No Bitcoin ransom was paid, and at least part of the data has been published on the dark web

According to news from the chain, according to IT House, the electronics giant Foxconn responded to “hackers demanding USD 34.68 million in bitcoin ransoms” and stated that its factories in the Americas were indeed attacked by cyber ransomware recently. At present, its internal security team has completed software The operating system security is updated and the level of information security protection is also improved. The affected factories are restoring the network, which has little impact on the overall operations of the group. In addition, Foxconn did not pay the ransom, and at least part of the data has been published on the dark web.

According to previous reports by BleepingComputer, a Foxconn production facility in Mexico was attacked by ransomware. The attacker stole unencrypted files before encrypting the device. The hacker asked for a ransom of 1804.0955 bitcoins, which is equivalent to about 34686000 US dollars (230 million yuan), converted according to today’s bitcoin prices.

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