Helium network migrates to Solana blockchain after community vote


Following a successful community vote, the Helium Foundation announced the migration of the Helium Network, a decentralized network that powers wireless communication protocols, to the Solana blockchain.

The network has been running its own Layer 1 blockchain since its debut in 2019, and in August proposed a switch via Helium Improvement Proposal HIP70.

The move, aimed at growing Helium to meet the needs of builders and users, helps accelerate Helium’s goal of 5G decentralized wireless network and over 945,000 user-managed Internet of Things (IoT) hotspot devices. Scott Sigel, chief operating officer of the Helium Foundation, said in a statement:

“We have an ambitious mission to deploy and manage wireless networks at scale, and migrating to Solana allows us to do just that.”

The helium transfer to Solana is expected in the fourth quarter of 2022. The Helium Foundation said it will work with the Solana Foundation to ensure a smooth transition. Anatoly Yakovenko, co-founder of Solana said:

“Solana and its key differences in scalability, low cost and energy efficiency are the ideal foundation for Helium to achieve its ambitious mission. The Helium community’s vote to migrate to the Solana network is a testament to Solana as the next phase of growth for the Helium ecosystem A huge endorsement of the foundation.”

The Helium Governing Council issued a statement of community approval after the HIP70 proposal was approved by 81.41% of 7,447 votes after voting closed earlier on Thursday.

The migration of Helium to Solana has no impact on HNT, MOBILE or IOT, which will continue to be the Helium ecosystem tokens issued on Solana. The application and governance of the Helium network will also be transferred.

A new version of the Helium wallet app will be released after the migration is complete. Other wallets in the Solana ecosystem, such as Phantom and Solflare, will also be available to users.

The announcement comes after Helium development company Nova Labs signed a five-year deal with T-5G Mobile’s services to help fill gaps in Helium’s coverage.

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