How to use efficient Mempool service to profit from DeFi?

What is Mempool (memory pool)

How is Mempool used for DeFi transactions?

  • Front running: Determine the Gas price required to win the Gas auction.
  • Back running: According to the transaction result of another user, predict the transaction opportunity and pack it into the future block.
  • Sandwiching: predicting trading opportunities, by pushing another user’s trading opportunities to the maximum slippage limit, thereby predicting future blocks, which will lead to arbitrage opportunities at a later time (usually within the same block).
  • Generic predator (predator): hijacking transaction calls, hoping to run Gas auctions in Front running to obtain MEV (miner extractable value). This is usually done by replacing the address of the original trader with the address of the Predator and submitting a new transaction at a higher Gas price.





Performance benchmark

Why is it important to have the fastest Mempool service?

Comparison of Websockets and Webhooks

Best performance and redundancy solution

price comparison

Use these services VS to operate your own nodes

in conclusion





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