Open Art: What paradigm changes does blockchain bring to art?

Open art

Looking back at the crypto community, we will find that successful projects often do not retain the words “blockchain” or “encryption”-except for the earliest “cryptocurrency”. At that time, Ethernet Square founder Vitalik not the “decentralization” of the word flourish, we did not recognize disruptive change shape and block chain technology for the production of human relations organization brings.

  • First of all, “open art” can magnify the individual characteristics of the artist, allowing the artist to directly establish contact with the community and release their influence, rather than subordinate to a certain institution.
  • Secondly, they can freely sell their works to collectors all over the world, instead of handing over the paintings to the gallery agent and drawing a lot of commission.

Conclusion: The Road to “Open Art”

Blockchain technology has been born for ten years. Through this technology, for the first time in human history, humans have a global currency that is born in a virtual world and does not depend on sovereign states; at the same time, for the first time, humans also have a third-party platform that is accessible to everyone. Of financial services. We believe that this technology will also be extended to the content market and will first innovate the art field.



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