Top 5 market makers in the cryptocurrency space in 2020

What is cryptocurrency market making?

Demand for cryptocurrency market makers

How are cryptocurrency market makers different

  • A very active entity, working around the clock (because the cryptocurrency market is always open), and has a powerful monitoring function, and almost does not retain any transaction details.
  • Cryptocurrency market makers are used to dealing with low liquidity markets
  • Use blockchain tracking systems to gain in-depth market insights
  • The number of crypto exchanges has increased compared to stocks that are only traded with a few reliable exchanges such as Nasdaq.
  • Market makers do not decide prices, but provide orders, reduce spreads, help negotiations, formulate trading strategies and provide necessary feedback. Market makers are experts who understand the working mechanism of order books, technical analysis and the establishment of customized trading software strategies.
  • First-class leadership and a strong team of technical and financial practitioners from world-class financial institutions.
  • Designed an intuitive risk management strategy, designed for those who are difficult to manage.
  • Its proprietary trading technology can be modified according to trading needs. Its sales and aggregation strategy will be adjusted according to real-time liquidity and volatility, so that investors can truly get the best price.
  • In-depth analysis of the advantages of order books and projects.
  • They work in a very pragmatic and precise way, from testing strategies to obsessive analysis of them, and then deploy market-making strategies tailored to each project that best suit their needs.
  • Maintain 24/7 alarm, you can change the trading strategy according to time requirements.
  • Reports about transaction volume, profit and loss, and direct communication with the project via WeChat, Telegram and Whatsapp are published every two weeks.
  • Schedule a conference call every two weeks to discuss future strategies.
  • Alpha Theta has some of the most talented teams of engineers who have generated powerful algorithms specifically designed for the crypto market.
  • Alpha Theta is very particular about following the AML/KYC strategy to maintain its operational compliance.
  • They have huge data transparency, allowing investors to keep abreast of market operations.
  • One person can use n robots to execute different strategies on multiple exchanges
  • Dedicated trading desk runs 24 hours a day
  • Based on their solid research techniques, market-neutral algorithms and trading advantages of market-making partnerships.
  • A complete trading system can ensure a tight OTC spread.
  • Decades of experienced team members from giants such as FB and Google.
  • Comprehensive global operation, can be traded on multiple exchanges.
  • The company has strict and proprietary quantitative research methods and has invested heavily in disruptive technologies.
  • Constant innovation is the mantra here because the company is always looking for tools and data sets and new sources of Alpha.
  • A tailor-made risk management framework ensures timely monitoring of investment-related risks.
  • Provide 24/7 liquidity on its corresponding cryptocurrency exchange with API

Why do you need top market makers?





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