Waves releases multi-chain decentralized oracle communication network Gravity

According to the news, the blockchain platform Waves Ecosystem released the Gravity white paper. Gravity is an open source, applicable to multiple blockchains, and a new communication protocol between blockchains and with the outside world. At present, there are some defects in the solutions of cross-chain communication related projects, the most important of which is that they are built around the original price of unstable prices and are driven by the internal economy. The internal economy is not completely decentralized due to its special attributes. . Compared with these networks, Gravity provides a decentralized network without native tokens, which can integrate all public chain economic models that issue native tokens. At the same time, it combines all the functions of the cross-chain. In addition, unlike other existing oracle machines, the Gravity network can be viewed as an independent, decentralized oracle machine that new members can enter for free, rather than a framework for creating centralized oracle machines. Gravity ensures equality between all public blockchains integrated in the network, and does not distinguish between different blockchains in terms of function or implementation, achieving a decentralized cross-chain oracle network.

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